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Faucet are sites that every few minutes dispense a small amount of satoshi  for free. As these sites are basically giving away free Money the have become extre– mely popular This post will cover all most popular and profitable faucets around. So let’s start the review of top 5 crypto faucets.

what are crypto faucets ?

A crypto faucet is an website that distributes small amount of crypto currencies as a reward for completing easy task. They fre given the name faucets  because the reword are small Just like small drops of water dripping from a faucet. In the case of crypto faucets tiny amount of free or earned CRYPTO currency are sent to user wallet. There are easy way to earn money 40 can do there shortlinks and pte so you recieved reward on your faucetpay wallet and payeer wallet.

What you need before claiming from faucets.

So, first of all you need a faucetpay account create it from here Faucetpay.

After creating a faucetpay account you just have to copy your email address associated with your faucetpay account or your deposit address. Creating a faucetpay account is very easy.

1. Claimsatoshi

2. Coinpot

3. Firefaucet

4. Feyorra

5. Viefaucet

So, these are top 5 crypto faucets. Let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Claimsatoshi

So our #1st in top 5 crypto faucets. This is high paying faucet I m a serious generate income thoughts the internet . I suggest claimsatoshi is a crypto currency that pays correctly there is a highly paying shortlink reward ptc ads and auto faucets If you have energy you have claim auto faucet there is a 20% referral commision just perform simple activities within the plat from and you will be rewarded with crypto currency directly withdraw in your faucetpay account.

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All Results see in Images

Faucet Dashboard

Claimsatoshi dashboard

Read our detailed review about claimsatoshi

How to earn money online in 2022 || Claimsatoshi (review)


Our 2nd faucet site is coinpot in this is a high paying and very honest site I like the features compared to other faucet website that  have seen that members can claim free coin every five minutes the amount to claim every 5 minutes is high and I like if for that you can claim coins on this faucet site easy way like shortlink ptc ads auto claim and more one more feature i like about this website is the option to play dile games 1 like this games as it an option to increase earnings.

I will try the website and check it out. this is legit site there is a instant withdraw.

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payment Result seen in Images

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our 3rd faucet website is a fire faucet this is a legit and profitable website paying auto faucet fire faucet day satoshi every time you IVI up and a daily bonus They pay instantly to faucets pay the site have an offerwall and bonus tasks you can collect 12 different coin BTC, ETH , LTC, DOGE , DASH , TRX , NAMO , ZEC, DGB , USDT  and more and gift cards with happy hours every weekend Good to see you guys are earning on this site and that this is paying all the times. Its Really nice to know that there is legit site that pay There is a offerwall If you solve offerwall then you recieved more coins

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our 4th faucet website is feyorra top this a legit and paying Instantly in faucetpay there is you can do shortlink  ptc ads autofaucet . If you have energy you have claim auto faucet every minute which is awesome of you solve on shortlink you recieved 0.0010 usd and there is more than 45 shortlink per day and advertising is also available and there is more way to earn Reward.

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payment methods and proofs see in image

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5.  Viefaucet.Com

our #5th in top 5 crypto faucets. This is a highly Rewarded and honest faucet website there is you can do solve shortlink, ptc , Auto faucet offerwall etc. There si a easy way solve shortlink to earn high reward there is a 40- 45 shortlink per day this is a secured and legit website yo can withdraw your money direct to faucetpay there is a easy way to earn is offerwall challanges If you complete Boath you have recieved high reword .

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Payment proofs see in Images

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Thanks for reading our review of top 5 crypto faucets.


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