Top 5 crypto ad network with highest rates

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So, in this article, we will talk about top 5 crypto ad network with the highest bidding on crypto related sites.

Top 5 crypto ad networks?

There are many types of ad network for every type of websites. Ad sense is most used ad network in the whole community. 90% of website having high traffic uses Ad sense. But they don’t allow most of the crypto websites So, there are many crypto ad networks. Who just allow crypto sites like faucets, Crypto exchange And crypto wallets. There are many crypto ad networks. But all of them is not legit. So, Here we discuss about Top 5 crypto ad network. Who gives good cost per mile and paying from long time. But your site’s must be crypto related It should have used for crypto earning. Or something related to crypto. You must have some traffic on your website.

So, Let’s begin the research of Top 5 crypto ad networks with the highest rates.

#1.Bit media

Bit media is an old and one of most used crypto ad network. With high cost per click and high Cost per Mile. Their average cost per click is around $0.04 for tier 3 countries. And around $0.20 average Cost per Mile. They do not have very high requirement. Just you need a crypto related website. 100+ daily visitor and your website must not use lots of ads. Your website must not an URL shorter they do not allow URL shorter. Your website must not promote users to click on ads and copy websites are not allowed. Websites with lots of pop ads are also not allowed. Their minimum payout is $20. But the only method available is Bitcoin. In my list of Top 5 crypto ad network. I rated Bit media as #1 crypto ad network.

•minimum requirement:- Crypto related website, Have some traffic.

•minimum payout:-$20.

•ad types:- cost per click/Cost per Mile.

#2. Coin Traffic

Coin Traffic is an old pop under and banner ad network. They allow only crypto related blog websites. Faucet websites with unique design. And Crypto exchanges. They don’t allow websites with lots of pop ads or adult ads. Their minimum withdraw is just $25. But only Bitcoin is available as payment method. They have various Banner Ad formats. Native Ads and In-page-push ads. They have high rates on Pop under ads. It was between $0.4 to $1 for all countries. Is my list of Top 5 crypto ad network. Coin traffic is rated #2 crypto ad networks.
minimum requirements:-100+ daily visitors.

•minimum payout:-$25.

•ad types:-Pop under And Native Banner ads.

#3.Surf pro

Surf is not a complete crypto ad network. But still used on many crypto websites. Reason is that they allow crypto sites. And have good cost per click which is 0.04$ And Low minimum withdraw of just $0.03 for payer. They pay instantly after email confirmation. They have many Banner ad formats include Native and video formats. In my list of Top 5 crypto ad network. Surf is rated #3 crypto ad networks.

•minimum requirement:-Just website.

•minimum payment:-0.03$.

•ad formats:-Native and Video.

#4.Ad thrust

Ad thurst is also not a crypto ad network. But still It is good network for crypto websites. They have average cost per mile is $0.15 for all tiers. Their minimum payment limit is just $0.5. Three payment method available including PayPal, Lite coin and Coin base. They pays daily without delay. Their minimum requirement is just your website must be main stream And don’t have too many ads. In my list of top 5 crypto ad network. Ad thrust is rated #4 crypto Banner ad networks.

•minimum requirement:-Main stream website.

•minimum payment:-0.5$.

•ad format:-Only Banner.

#5.Mellow ads

Mellowads is fully crypto ad network with high rates. All ads running on network are crypto related. But they have high requirement your website must in 100K Alexa rank and crypto related website. They only accept website with unique design and unique content. There cost per click is very high around $0.10 and their minimum payout is $50. They don’t allow websites promoting illegal or adult content. They also have integrated short link site in it. They pays weekly without hold. There is a faucet also you can earn between 100 to 1000 Satoshi per day from it. But you can only spend it in advertising. In my list of Top 5 crypto ad network. Mellow ads is rated #5 crypto ad networks.

•minimum requirements:-100k alexa and unique design.

•minimum withdraw:-50$

ad formats:-pop under and banner.

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#6. Ad around

Adaround is also an good crypto ad network. Mostly used on Faucets, URL shortners And PTC websites. They have good rates for Banners, Popups and popunders. There currency is ADS Token. No minimum amiund required to get paid. You can request payment anytime whenever you want. It is a decentralized, adblock-resistant advertizing network, based on our own ADS Blockchain. This platform uses blockchain technology to connect publishers and advertisers to let them make direct deals. Adshares is an open ecosystem that allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent marketplace. Join us to benefit from the lowest fees, lack of intermediaries and instant payments for publishers.