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shrinkpe review— Highest $10 cpm real or fake?

Shrinkpe is an old and legit paying indian based url shorter. So, First take a review what shrinkpe is. Shrinkpe is an completely free tool where we can shorten our long links. On every click we get on our shorten link we get paid. The payout rate for pee visitor is depend on CPM rate for the country by shrinkpe. There payout rates are not fixed and may be change anytime by the owner. But your visitor must solve captcha and pass the remaining steps. If visitor complete all steps than you will get paid. Visitor must be a user not a Bot and only one click per user counted in 24 hour.

Basic details

•Minimum payout:-3$.

•Payment frequency:-Daily and weekly.

•Payout methods:-PayPal, Paytm, Web money, Payer, Bitcoin, Airtm, Google pay and Bank transfer.

•Refer Bonus:-20%.

•Ad formats:-Banner, Popup and In-page-push.

Earning Model:-Cost per click, Cost per mile.

#1.What is shrinkpe?shrinkpe review.

Shrinkpe is an India url shorter site gives high CPM rates and offer daily payments. Shrinkpe is and completely free tool to create and share. Shorten link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Other social media websites. Link shorter are mostly used for sharing YouTube video. You just need to short any video link. And share It anywhere and someone clicks you will get paid. But be aware of bots and Virtual IP users. If you get too many clicks from these sources your account will be banned. If you really wants to earn money online. Shrinkpe is one the best and easiest way to earn without any Investment. You don’t even need a website. You can share you shortened links anywhere.
#2.How much shrinkpe pays?Shrinkpe review.

Shrinkpe pays on Cost per mile for every Thousand visitor on you link. While this shrinkpe review is written and publish Shrinkpe pays up to 10$ for Green Land traffic. Their lowest rate is 2.5$ for Tier 3 countries. Shrinkpe offers you daily payments without any hold. They have lots of payment methods available Including PayPal and PAYTM. They offers minimum 3$ Payout threshold which is very good. They have good referral program for YouTubers and Blogger. They offer 20% earnings from your referral earning for lifetime. Shrinkpe CPM rates are high as compared to other url shorter websites.

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#3.Shrinkpe Rules and requirements.

• They allow Paid to click and Faucet sites.

• They do not allow multiple accounts.

• Clicking your link again and again is not allowed.

• Looping is not allowed.

• Do not short Illegal links and virus links.

• Advertising it on Iframe is not allowed.

• Do not spam your links on Forum and Review sites.

• Do not create self referrals.

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#4.Shrinkpe review Advertising formats.

Shrinkpe provide Banner and popup advertising on their shorten page links. They provide live stats and live earnings. They do not ads containing malware and virus. But there are some Adult image advertising and many popup adverts on shortened link page.

#5. Tools and Features

•Alias:-It is a optional or its not necessory and alias is an word that  explain your link.

•Mass shrinker:-  Using mass shrinker you can short Up to 20 urls in single click. But If you abuse this feature it will be disabled from your account.

•Quick link:- Quick link means your API By using this on your website. It will automatically create short links and redirect users to main URL. You can use it on faucet and content locking sites.

•Developer API:- Another name of Quick link. If yiur website Support HTML then you can use this. It redirect your users again to the original URL.

•Full page script:- If you have a website with 1000’s of links you want to short them with ShrinkPe then you can use the full page script tool.

#6.Basic features

•High CPM RATES Up to $10.

•Quick payments weekly.

•20% Refer Bonus.

•Help Full Tools like API and Mass shrinker.

•Live and accurate analytics.

•Low minimum payout ($3)

•Responsive user dashboard.

#7.Referral Program

There is a fixed twenty percent Refer Bonus for publishers. Refer earning will instantly credited to your Balance. There are many Referral banner available to share your refer links.
#8.Minimum withdraw

Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
Payer $3.000 $4.000
Airtm $4.000
Bitcoin ($3 fee) $10.000
Perfect Money (USD) $4.000
AdvCash $4.000
PaySera $5.000
UPI & Bank Transfer (only for Indian users) $5.000
GooglePay (only for India users) $5.000
Paytm wallet $5.000 $5.000


Shrinkpe is an India url shorter site gives high CPM rates and offer daily payments.Shrinkpe provide Banner and popup advertising on their shorten page links.Shrinkpe pays on Cost per mile for every Thousand visitor on you link.

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