How to Mine Crypto Currency Online 2021

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With more and more people entering into the mainstream of cryptocurrency mining, interest in the minds of people are developing more.

In this article, we are going to cover all about cryptocurrency. If you have been wanting to learn this, then keep on reading the article.

Before going in-depth with the process of cryptocurrency mining, let’s firstly understand the term cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is a process through which a machine performs some task to obtain a little amount of cryptocurrency. Your personal computer is the best example of it as it has the capability to obtain the slightest amount of cryptocurrency.

Currency mining can be done in several ways. Let’s go step by step and learn each one of them.


Cloud mining is the most popular way to mine cryptocurrencies as in this process you have to give to a big agency a specific amount of money to rent a mining machine. This mining machine is known as ‘rig’. The rent lasts about an agreed-upon period until which you can earn cryptocurrencies. The earnings are then transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet.


The term itself suggests, CPU mining utilizes processors to mine cryptocurrencies. This can be done through your own personal computer or om laptop, but it is not suggested. More and more people are leaving the CPU mining as it is extremely slow and really doesn’t work that efficiently. You have to spend a greater amount of money and time on electricity and cooling than other methods.


GPU mining is one of the well-known methods of mining and is also a popular one. The reason why more and more people are adopting GPU mining is that it is both efficient and cheap. GPU rigs utilize graphic cards for cryptocurrency mining. A standard rig used in GPU mining consists of a motherboard, a processor, cooling, rig, frame, and a few graphic cards.


ASIC stands for ‘Application Specific Integrated Circuit’. When compared to GPU and CPU, AIESEC produces less amount of cryptocurrency. ASIC are special devices that are designed to perform crypto mining. Many communities and people are working to ban these machines, which is because these assets are so powerful that it robs the other miners who are using GPU and CPU rings. 


The biggest question which comes to the mind of crypto miners is which method to choose upon. The answer to this question simply depends on how much money do you want to earn and are you capable of buying a rig? Also, the willingness to take the risk is one of the toughest tasks which comes to the mind of investors. 

And finally one should definitely have good research on the type of cryptocurrency to mine. Some favorite cryptocurrencies for mining in the market are Bitcoin Ethereum or dash. 

Since the popularity of Bitcoin is increasing day by day, the world is turning into a few pools that are trying to snatch at least a bit of Bitcoin. That’s the reason why one should stick to Ethereum as it is a less popular cryptocurrency and is still the best for mining.

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