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highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021

This is the list of highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021. A Bitcoin faucet is a website which give rewards to Its users for free. By visiting and claiming from it. It gives an small amount of satoshis to its users who claims on it. There are many micro tasks,surveys,short links and app installs required. So,you can receive extra rewards. In this article we will discuss about Highest paying bitcoin faucet in 2021. All websites listed below are paying and tested in 2021. So,Let start earning your first satoshi today.
Let’s Begin Table of content so,you can find them easily.

1.Crypto win
2.Fire faucet

3.Auto faucet

4.Bits free

5.Claim bits


7.Go Bits.

8.Final Auto claim


Cryptowin is a brand new Bitcoin faucet with huge rewards. There are lots of ways to earn free Bitcoin. You can claim between 1-6 satoshi every 15 minutes. But You can also earn extra with Paid to click and surf ads. Survey and offer wall is also an great earning ways in this. There minimum payout is 10 satoshi for Faucet pay and 2500 satoshi for direct wallet. There are no adult ads only crypto ads on their website. They have great referral program for its users. If you refer someone you will receive 50% from his faucet claim. 2% from every share purchased by your referral. 10% from his offer wall earnings and 10% from his earning from paid to click ads. They do not allow multiple accounts. Because users does cheat faucet. So, remember not to create multiple account or you will be banned. Cryptowin is rated top 1 highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021. Because they have highest rates.

•Minimum payout:- 2500 satoshi

•Referral:- Up to 50%

•Earning ways:- Auto Claim,offer wall.

2.Fire Faucet

Firefaucet is an Old and legit paying Auto faucet from 3+ years. They give high rewards without so many ads on main page So,you can claim easily. Their user dashboard is also much responsive. They provide fast and easy support. There are many earning ways for users. This are Auto claiming and short links are top ways surveys and paid to click ads are also goos ways. There are nine currencies. Including Bitcoin,Dogecoin,Tether,Etherum,Litecoin,Dash,Tron and DGB. They also have level reward. Their payout rates are around 1.55 Bitcoin Satoshi per 100 Auto claim points. And 50 ETH satoshi for 100 auto claim points. There is a 20 percent Bonus for Referred users. So, you can earn more from referrals. Fire faucet is rated 2nd highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021.

•Minimum payout:- 5 Dollar

•Referral:- 20% fixed.

•Earning ways:- Short links,Offer wall.

3.Auto faucet

Autofaucet is also and old and one of highest paying Auto faucet. They pays daily and instant without any fee. They have no minimum payout for Faucet pay and Express crypto. And have many currencies including Bitcoin and Doge coin. With many earning ways including Faucet claim,short links and mining. Short link and Mining are main earning ways. But you can also earn good with Offer wall and Auto claim. Also they have 20% Referral program. Auto faucet is rated #3 highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021.

•Minimum payout:- None

•Referral Bonus:- 20%

•Earning ways:- Mining,short links.


Bitsfree is an new and Legit paying faucet with high rewards. They have many earning ways so,you can earn more. There are very responsive design. So,users can easily earn with many earning ways. Including Auto faucet,Manual Faucet,Short links, Paid to click, Lottery and offer wall. Short link and Offer wall are main earning ways. But you can also earn well with Auto and manual faucet. Rolling Dice is also an good way of earning in it. You can earn double amount in just seconds. But you must understand this is an risky way of earning. All ads displaying on website are Crypto ads so,user can earn without any issue. They have 10% reward for referred users and this reward is for lifetime.

•Minimum payout:- 2 Dollar

•Referral:- 10% lifetime.

• Earning ways:- Offer wall, Short links,Paid to click,Dice and Lottery.


claimbits is an manual claiming faucet with small reward. They pay between 1-15 satoshi per claim directly to your faucet pay wallet.

•Minimum payout:- 2 satoshi

•Referral:- 20% lifetime

•Earning ways:- Manual Earning.


Fautsy is also an good manual claim faucet. With small reward between 1-8 satoshi per claim. They do also pay directly to Faucet pay wallet. But they have many pop ads on their website. They also have 20% referral program. Because of security they don’t allow multiple accounts.

• Minimum withdraw:- 1 satoshi

• Referral:- 20%

•Earning ways:- Manual Faucet claim.

7.Go bits

GoBits is also an great Faucet with less ads and responsive design. They don’t have high rates but still they pay 1-6 satoshi after every Five minutes. They have 10% refer also.

• Wallet:-Faucet pay.

Earning ways:- Claim every 5 minutes.