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What is firefaucet?

The first step is to know the meaning of faucets for those who haven’t worked such websites prior to. The term “cryptocurrency faucet” refers to a service that provides you with free cryptocurrencies (satoshis) as a reward for watching ads or performing small tasks.

Firefaucet is an online platform that lets you earn free cryptocurrency by making use of an automatic faucet. You won’t need to fill out any captchas or click on annoying advertisements similar to normal faucet sites since all of the coins you earn will be taken to your wallet.
What is the process behind Firefaucet function?

To be able to earn cryptocurrency for free, on Firefaucet you must first gather ACP(Auto Claim Points). There are a variety of methods for collecting ACP:

  • Everyday, you get ACP free, by accumulating a present which you’ll find on your account
  • Follow shortlinks and complete different tasks to earn free ACP
  • Collect ACP from the ACP faucet.

Join from now: Click here


After you’ve collected ACP you’ll be required to start an auto claim by choosing the coins you’d like to claim and pressing the Start Auto Faucet like in the picture below:

A new tab will be opened that will give you complete details about how the collecting process is carried out ( When will the next payment be due to be paid out How many satoshis have been collected to date and the time until you are out of ACP points and the automatic faucet ceases).

Each claim is worth one ACP per coin specifically. If, for instance, you wish to claim 5 coins simultaneously, you’ll be required be paying 5 ACP points for each claim that is automated. In addition, you can configure the auto-collect feature to give you either 2x, 3x, or 4x the amount of money you claim. Naturally, this will boost your earnings, but at the same way, you’ll need make a larger payment of ACP for each claim. For a 2x bonus , for instance, you’ll need be able to shell out 2 ACP for every coin that you claim in particular.

There are 8 coins that are available in the moment to auto collect :

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, Zcash, digibyte, Dogecoin and Binance.

How much money can you make through Firefaucet?

The income on such sites as faucets are contingent on the amount of time you devote to them. The income can start as little as only a couple of cents, but they could reach the equivalent of a few dollars daily. Referrals are an excellent method to increase your earnings as you earn 20% of what they earn.

Firefaucet Giveaway

Every day Firefaucet announces a giveaway that offers ACP for free on their top users. You’ll have to accumulate the maximum amount of activity points you can in the entire duration of the giveaway . At the time of the end when you reach one of the 20 first rank , you’ll get a ACP for free. Below is some tasks you could complete to earn points for activity :

Here’s the list of rewards that are being offered to the first 20 ranks on the leaderboard:

Firefaucet memberships
Firefaucet provides a premier membership that gives you advantages such as higher limits, fewer ads on the site, better support, and many features within the Chat.

Prime membership isn’t too costly, and in reality, it the range of 0.05dollars per day. However, you will receive discounts 50 percent or more when you purchase during specific times and also receive discounts up to 30% , based on the length of the time you’d like to purchase your membership.

How do you cash out your earnings from Firefaucet?

Remember that before you withdraw you’ll need to include your bank account details for each coin by going to your Wallet section. It is also necessary to add your Faucetpay email address.

You’ll be able withdraw funds as follows:

  • Use FaucetPay it is one of the microwallets that can earn satoshis by using many faucets
  • Directly depositing your cash into your personal wallet

Minimum withdrawal amounts differ for every coin and method specifically. If you’d like to know the minimum withdrawal amount for a the specific coin, you can find it by going to the balance page on your account.

It can take up 48 hours to process and you’ll only be allowed to withdraw 10dollars (converted to each coin) every day. The maximum withdrawal amount increases as your account grows on the site.

Firefaucet Referral program

A referral plan is among the best ways to earn money from websites (faucets) since you’ll earn commissions on everything that your referrals earn from the site.

Firefaucet provides 20% of each claim you refer your friends use Auto-Faucet.

Is Firefaucet legit?

You can see in the information on their site, Firefaucet is up and running since the year 2017, and has paid more than quarter of one million dollars to nearly 500.000 users. It has received excellent reviews across the web and it doesn’t take time to locate the payment proofs that are available. I’ll even include several of them below. Firefaucet is certainly a legitimate site.


How do I join Firefaucet?

Click here to go here FirefaucetCreate an account, start collecting ACP, then earn the cryptocurrency you want at no cost.

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