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Expresscrypto review— Best fpay alternative

In this Expresscrypto review we will discuss about Pros and cons of Expresscrypto. Expresscrypto is an old and legit Crypto Micro wallet. Where we can store our Crypto Currencies without any fee. We can also earn money with them. Expresscrypto provide lots of earning ways. There are many faucets who pays directly to Expresscrypto without any fee. We can earn crypto in many ways. They also have an crypto exchanger with low fees. Expresscrypto have more than 25 Crypto Currencies supported.

Let’s start the Expresscrypto review.

#1:Stats of Expresscrypto review.

Its been more than 700 days of its launch. There are more than 309k registered users on Expresscrypto review. They have paid more 59 Bitcoin to their users in these 700+ days. They currently have 10k+ active users on their website. Currently there are 3k average users are online in chat and 5k on their faucets. Express crypto is launched before Faucetpay. But still have less users than it. Because Express crypto referral program is not so profitable. As a result now just 4-5% of all registered users are active now. Most of them moved to Faucet pay ad lots of users are offline. This stats are taken on this on writing this Expresscrypto review.

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#2:How i can earn?

There are many earning ways like Faucet, Games, Offer walls, Random Giveaway and Paid to click ads.

•Faucets:- There are more than 3500 faucets linked to their system. Out of them 1500+ are active and paying. You can claim from them and receive instant payment. To you Express Crypto account without any fee. There are 120+ Bitcoin, 130+ Doge Coin, 90+ TRON and 60+ Dash faucets. These currencies are mostly used on Express crypto. So, This currencies have high number on linked Faucets.

•GAMES:- There are 3 games available in Expresscrypto review. Royal Dice, Bingo and lottery. In Bingo you must use Express Crypto Gold to play any other currencies are not supported. Every game will costs 0.00010000 EXG to you. There is always Random 5  numbers, for every number you will receive 0.00005000 EXG, if all 5 numbers are right you will win the jackpot of 0.00100000 EXG. But this game is full of risk so you are responsible to play this game. In Royal dice There are two type Manual and Advanced. You can play this game with all currencies. There is no restriction. In lottery in one round only 10 winners are selected. It is a game of luck you just need 1 ticket to participate in it. The action can’t be cancelled or refunded.

•OFFER WALLS:-Offer walls are also very good way to earn in expresscrypto. There are many offer walls integrated in expresscryto. This is the best thing in this Expresscrypto-io review.

CPX-Research:-One of the most easiest. Payment is instant, you will get also rewarded for failures, and excellent customer support for users.

Poll fish:-Complete short surveys and earn money. Many earning ways available. high rewards.

Time Bucks:-same as first who pay sEXS for failures too. Offer availability is low. But check the day so be sure to check back daily.

Ad Gem:-Ad Gem’s offers are almost mostly app installs. high paying. It’s recommended to use for mobile users.

Wannads:- Wannads contains offers for all device. IOS, android, and desktop. Surveys are only available to desktop users.

Offer Toro:- Can only be used by mobile users. They have only app install offers available. But all offers are High paying and easy to complete. surveys, quizzes, spot the difference in images. And register to websites and install mobile apps to earn Expresscrypto silver.

Kiwi Wall:- Same as above they pay for quizzes and app installs.

Engaged Hits:-The best and most easiest for desktop users. You just need to Download their extension. It will earn in background without any error.

Jungle Offer wall:- A forty page survey. The reward ks good but It takes too much time to complete the whole survey. But still a fix reward for wrong answers too.

#3:Paid to click:-In paid to click you just have to complete short links. Short links are served by third-party. There are lots of ads on short links So, they are not so easy. Some short link pays Expresscrypto Silver and some pays Expresscrypto gold.

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#4:Crypto Currencies

There are lots of currencies available in this Expresscrypto review. The sum of all currencies balance is showing up in Bitcoin. Thus we can understand Bitcoin is main currency for Expresscrypto-io review. Available currencies are listed below with details.

• Bitcoin:-Bitcoin is valued around 58000 US Dollars. Bitcoin was Released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The minimum withdraw in Expresscrypto-io review for Bitcoin is 0.00010000 BTC. The fees for withdraw is also high as 0.00003000 BTC.

• Bitcoin Cash:- BCH is valued around 550 US Dollar. BCH was launched in 2017 by Gavin Andresen. Minimum withdraw for BCH in Expresscrypto-io review is 0.00500000 BCH. BCH transaction fees is 0.00002500 BCH.

• Bytecoin:- Bytecoin was Introduced in 2012. Current price of Bytecoin is $0.000475. In Expresscrypto minimum withdraw for Bytecoin is 100 Bytecoin. There is a regular fees of 0.25 Bytecoin for this currency.

• Cardano:-Cardano is firstly introduced in 2015. Its current price is $1.21. Minimum withdraw for Cardano in Expresscrypto is 10 ADA. There is a small fee of 0.5 ADA for every transaction.

• Dash:-Dash current market value is around $230. Minimum withdraw for Dash is 0.00100000 DASH. With a regular fees of 0.00005000 DASH.

• DigiByte:- DigiByte current market value is around $0.07. Minimum payout for DigiByte is 1 DGB And a fees or 0.1 DGB is applied.

• Dogecoin:- DOGE current market of $0.05896. In Expresscrypto Doge’s minimum payout is 10 DOGE and a fees of 1 doge is Fixed.

• Ethereum:-ETH is top #2 valued crypto. Its market value is around $1,800. Minimum payout for ETH is 0.00750000 ETH In Expresscrypto. There is a High fees of 0.00500000 ETH For Ethereum transactions.


Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Instantly in just a couple of clicks. The minimum for a sell amount should be Above than 0.00000500 BTC. The exchange rate includes: Currency exchange fee + ExpressCrypto exchange fee of 3% from the total amount that you will exchange. If you sell Expresscrypto gold or Expresscrypto silver there is no fee. If the exchange processed you balance will be deducted. Crypto exchange is explain in detailed in this Expresscrypto review.

You can stake 5 crypto currencies in Expresscrypto. Reddcoin is most profitable investment. You will get 21% yearly base rate In other currency is is 3.5% or 6%. The currencies that can be staked are Cardano, Komodo, Reddcoin, Tezos and TRON. Your staked amount can only withdrawn after 1 year.


In this Expresscrypto review i have explained all features of Expresscrypto. But this micro wallet conduct lots of fees on everything. So, Try to complete exchange you currencies on other platforms. Expresscrypto is rated 3.5 on Trustpilot.

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