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Blogger vs wordpress || Which 1 better to start Blog

Blogger vs WordPress a big comparison.

Now, There are many platforms to start a blog. But choosing the best platform is not easy. The common question is which is best platform to start a blog.

Blogger and WordPress are
two most used blogging
Many users prefer Blogger Because Its free and easy to understand. But WordPress is used by websites having lots of content. Because blogger is slow but WordPress fast and provide many features.

There are many Blogging platforms that can be used for free.

• WordPress.

• Blogspot.

• Wix site.

• Medium.

• Tumblr.

• Weebly.

But everyone have a question which is Best to start a new Blog website for free. WordPress vs blogger is a Detailed explain of best platforms.

Blogger vs WordPress
|| which platform is
best to start a new
Blogger vs WordPress are 2 most popular Blogging platforms with most number of users. Blogger provide a free sub domain at On the other hand WordPress also provides a subdomain at You can connect your purchased domains to Blogger or WordPress. You can also purchase domain in Blogger directly by Google. Blogger is owned by Alphabet Inc.

Most of users start with Blogger But they switch to WordPress. But It doest not mean that Blogger is not good. The reason is that WordPress have lots of themes and plugins.

Blogger vs WordPress Which
is Better?
If we talk about which is better. Then It will be a great comparison Between two biggest platforms Blogger vs WordPress. I will explain the features of Blogger vs WordPress.

As I already explained Blogger is Owned by Alphabet Inc. A Parent company of Google. So, they have give n us many easy to use and helpful feature. So, Lets talk about its features.

• Very Easy to Use:- Even if you don’t know anything about blogging you can start with Blogger. There process is very easy to understand.

• Totally Free – Blogger is totally free product. You don’t have to pay for anything. Untill you go for premium domain.

• Free Templates:- There are lots for free templates available in Blogger. You can change your layout without editing CSS. Without editing HTML, CSS and Java script we can change our website.

• Free hosting :- Blogger provides free hosting for lifetime without any charge. Blogger uses Google’s hosting Because Its a Google product. Your website loading speed is not much faster as Other paid sites have.

• Advantages:- Because Its a free tool by Google. So you can access all Google product by one account. You don’t need to login multiple times.

• Instant Indexing:- Blogger websites are Instantly indexed by Google. It means that you websites start getting traffic Instantly.

• Pros of Blogger.

• Very easy to start you can create your blog in very short time.

• You don’t need to pay for hosting Lifetime free hosting available.

• You can apply for AdSense easily easily from your dashboard.

• Cons of Blogger.

• Google may suspend your website anytime If you use adult content.

• Your blog is not completely owned by you It is hosted on Google server.

• Your content will be Indexed Automatically in Twenty four hours.

Features and Details of
WordPress:- WordPress have lits of features. There are two types of Editor Classic editor and Block editor. It have Thousand of plugins available for free. You can choose any language in WordPress very easily. WordPress was developed by Matt and  Mike Little. It was Available to users on 27 may 2003.  WordPress is a open source management system(CMS). You need a paid hosting server to use WordPress on your website. I may suggest you for Virtual private Hosting server(. By using WordPress CMS you can edit your whole website with codes.

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• Features of WordPress.

• Themes:- There are many high quality themes available for free. You can install a theme in just a single click.

• Plugins:- There thousand of plugins available. You can view your site stats using Jetpack plugin. There are many helpful plugin available in WordPress for free. All in one migration plugins available to migrate your website in some clicks.

• Search engine optimization:- By using WordPress you can increase you SEO score easily. When we compare Blogger vs WordPress. Websites created using WordPress have Better SEO score than Blogspot sites.

• Multi user login:- WordPress provide a multi admin feature. In comparison of Blogger vs WordPress only WordPress provide this feature.

• Make different sites:- With WordPress.

Business:- You can create a Business website using WordPress without editing HTML or CSS.

• SEO TOOLS:- You can create Search engine optimization tools using WordPress without paying anyone.

• Blogger website:- You can create a Blogger website on WordPress with Lots of features.

• Web store website:- There are many themes and plugin available to create Web store website.

• Social Sites:- Creating a social network is very easy with WordPress. You just need to add a Social site theme and Plugins.

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• PROS Of WordPress.

1. There are lots of themes available.

2. There are many plugins available.

3. Two types of editor Classic and Block editor.

4. Easy to rank keywords features.

5. Plugins to Index your content Instantly.

• CONS Of WordPress.

1. You have to invest money in Hosting and Domain.

2. You have to pay for Themes If you want better.

3. Some theme and plugins may give error to your website.

4. Sometime Automatic logout error to author.

BLOGGER vs WordPress.
Blogger is available at Blogspot  and can also be available via Blogger. WordPress have two versions and WordPress org is free you don’t need to pay for hosting if you want an small website. But i don’t prefer free WordPress it was slow.

Which is better Blogger vs
1. Ownership

Blogger is started by Pyra Labs. But in 2003 It was purchased by Google. Because It was owned by It is easy to Index on Google search engine.

Blogger is now An Google or Blogspot company. Which is hosted on Google’s server.

There are maximum 100 number of Blogs can be created with one Google account.

WordPress is owned by WordPress organization. All you data is hosted in their server.

2. System.

Blogger is Simple management system(SMS). Easy to understand But don’t provide lots of features.

WordPress is Control management system(CMS). It is also easy to understand and Provide lots of features. WordPress have more themes and plugins in comparison with Blogger.

3. Display.

Blogger does not very cool. Its themes are not Good as WordPress have. But you have to purchase premium themes on WordPress to show your website better. There are many Non-Official sites which provides Free themes. But using Nulled themes is not a good choice. Search engines may Blacklist your website from search. I may suggest Super fast Or Newspaper theme on WordPress they have best design.

4. Search engine optimization

Blogger does not provide any feature for Better SEO. But in WordPress there are many premium and Free SEO plugins available. Yoast and Rank Math are two most used SEO Plugins in WordPress. They have free and premium version available for all users. In WordPress you have to install a plugin for every small or Big edit in your site.

5. Search Index:- In Blogger because It is connected to Google. Google automatically Index website posts in 24 hour. And in WordPress there are many plaugins which provide Instant index feature for free.

Both Blogger vs WordPress are Good platform. It depends on you what you choose and which is perfect to your site. Blogger is Good for beginner and WordPress is Good for Big website. There are many users who starts with Blogger. But they change It to WordPress. There are regular updates in WordPress But Blogger is updated once in a year.

Some great competitors of Blogger vs WordPress.

Medium:- Medium is also a great blogging platform for beginners. You can write your Blogs without creating a website. You just need to create an account start Writing. They do not have so many features. But still their content is easily ranking on Search engines. Because of their high domain Authority and High search engine optimization on their website.

WIX SITE:- With over 160 million users wix is also a great website developing platform. They have free and paid plans available for users. Free website builder. 100s of templates. 100s of Apps. Customizable templates.

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