Best Highest Paying Native ad network

Best Highest Paying Native ad network

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There are a lot of AD networks we can see in today’s market. Live native ad networks, display ad networks, pop up ad networks, pop under ad networks and many more. Some websites do not get approval from the display ad networks like Google AdSense and Also, many publishers don’t want to irritate their users from the pop up and pop under ads on their website.

So the middle path of this problem is native ad networks. Hence there are a lot of companies that provide native ad networks. But the problem is that all native ad networks do not pay enough so that a website or a blog can be run profitably.

List Of Highest Paying Native Ad Network

Here in this article, we will discuss about the best native ad networks that are available online. Best are those who pace the highest revenues for a certain amount of traffic and also all users can trust them. So the list is about the highest paying native ad networks.


On the top of our list to have the market leader in native advertising networks is MGID. This ad network has been launched on 2008 and since then it is providing great services to its clients.

Here the maximum traffic comes from tier 2 countries such as India and Vietnam. That means people from all over, uses this ad network two monitor their platform. CPM of this ad network is much more than that of the competitors. Hence you get much higher payments from the same number of traffic than other ad networks.

2) Adcash

Adcash is a fully transparent native ad network company and it is taking the market share of its competitors very well. As transparency of work gives trust to the users. Hence many people trust adcash a lot.

It has a fraud filter too which allows you to make your website safe from fraudsters. Here the company has helped its advertisers to save around 12.3 million US dollars in 2019.

3) Evadav

In the final list, we have Evadav which is one of the best native advertising network companies. It does not pay high CPM like adcash or MGID but it pays pretty well revenue for its users.

The interface of this ad network is very easy to use and handy. That’s why many users use this ad network to monetize their websites. In many aspects, this company try to come up with innovative ideas so that they can help their users make more profit. Hence I had to put this company on our list so that you can give it a try.