Best Ad Network for Website Monetisation

Best Ad Network for Website Monetisation|2022

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Best ad network review:

As the craze for websites and blogs are increasing, many people along with many large industries have come forward with their websites too. All the websites need a platform to monetise their websites or blogs. so that they can make an earning from their blogs. With the help of monetisation networks, these individuals and companies make money on their blogs or websites. These monetisation platforms are known as ad networks. So today in this article we will be discussing about the best ad network for website monetisation.

There are many ad networks today available. Many big players are coming into the market of ad networks. Hence all the big technology companies are trying to grab the market of ad networks. Hence there are a lot of ad networks in today’s market. But I am here for you to discuss about the best ad network for website monetisation.

List of Best Ad Network for Website Monetisation

With deep research and user feedback along with personal feedback, I have written this article. So I hope you will enjoy it and will read this article till the end.

1) Dot

DOT is the #1 UK Based Premium Crypto Ad Network. DOT offers advertisers direct access to over 150 dedicated Blockchain and Crypto news sites, premium investor content, and even popular Podcasts.
With DOT, advertisers can reach high quality crypto relevant audiences, with one click audience profiling and geo-targeting. Display ads of any size are available and with DOT’s Analytics Dashboard advertisers and publishers benefit from complete performance transparency.

Content marketing options are also available for sponsored articles and press releases designed to complement any ad strategy.

What’s more, DOT allows advertisers to embed their own tracking links from AppsFlyer, Adjust and others offering complete transparency from impression to conversion.

DOT provides Crypto & Blockchain companies with a consistent way to generate return on investment (ROI) for Ad/Marketing spend. DOT plans are flexible, monthly rolling and easily paused or cancelled at any time.

Advertiser can book a free consultation here
Publisher ‘s can receive a free revenue estimation here

Strongest Geos:

* USA, Western Europe, UK, Nigeria

* Hundreds of Premium Crypto Partners
* Flexible Monthly Rolling Plans. Cancel any time.
* Free Animated Ad Design (HTML5)
* 7 Day Support
* UK Based

2) Google Adsense

Google is the number one ad network today and is a world leader in ad networks. Google Adsense is the ad monetisation provider company of Google itself. This company holds the maximum market share for website monetisation. Here you will get banner ads along with link ads and video ads too. So this is the best ad network for website monetisation.

It is very easy to get approval from Google Adsense, only a few steps are required to get approval from Google Adsense. The quality of ads and revenue is much better in Google Adsense than the other ad networks. Here you get display ad revenue, CPM model as well as ad click revenue CPC, model too.


This is the second most preferred ad network that is available on the market. On you get a contextual advertisement network. And you can say that has become the largest contextual advertisement network. Here you get a minimum payout of $100. This ad network is referred to as one of the best and most popular alternatives of Google AdSense.

You can get display ads as well as text ads from this network. provides you to choose the sizes of ads that you put on your website. This is also a very good ad network if you have a targeted audience on your site.

4) Taboola

On the 3rd of our list we have Taboola. This ad network is used by big publishers and big online magazines. This ad network provides clickbait ads that is based upon your article.

Taboola basically provides ads that is based on the interest of people. Mainly their ads contain of content suggestions. But to get approval from taboola is very hard because here you need a lot of traffic to get approval from this ad network. You need at least 500k visitors per month to get approval.

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