Top 5 websites to make a blog for FREE!


Now no need to pay to a website developer for your blog, Crazy blog has got you a list of top 5 websites to make your own blog for FREE.

1st on the list is WORDPRESS

WordPress is a blog making site and it is a very useful website to make your blog look professional. Over 60,000 users are satisfied with the service provided.

2nd on the list is WIX

Wix is good site which helps you make your blog, it is a large variety of templates to choose upon and also it allows users to manually change a thing’s position unlike wordpress.

3nd on the list is WEEBLY

Weebly is a superb site too as it again has many elements to put on your site. Weebly is giving a tight push to wix too. Weebly is a easy way to make your blog too.

4th on the list is SquareSpace

SquareSpace is a really good site to start your blog as it has stunning templates, which will leave you shocked.


5th on the list is BLOGGER

Blogger is the most user friendly site to make your blog as it is a easy and very protective site as it is from tech giant Google.