Pokemon GO yes! the new game in the store. In like 3-4 days the game has been popular like COC- Clash of Clans. This game is fun to play and it is like roaming around to find new Pokemon. But do you know who gets the benifit when you play this amazing game? There are many people who gets benefited when you play Pokemon Go:

Here are some of them:

  1. Internet service providers: They get a benefit as now you need to pay more for the internet as you need more internet while playing Pokemon Go
  2. Power Bank Sales: The power bank providers has got profit in their company as now the demand of power banks has increased and these occurs because the game drains out your battery so we tend to use power banks.The power bank companies say that in last two weeks 1.2 million power banks were sold that was the double of the year ago power bank sales.
  3. The fuel provider: This is bad too because you are using more of petrol/diesel/gas so more pollution. But the providers are getting profit as you are travelling much more than in a life without Pokemon Go.

Play Pokemon GO but do not stick to your phone all the time.If you come across any more benefits please comment down. Thank you Go Crazy.

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