In google play the genre sports for games has been hit these days. Sports games are fun to play, we feel that we actually are on the field and playing the sport. Lets have a look at the top 5 best games for Android.

The 5th on are list is: Archery Master 3D

This game is based on the sport archery.The size of this game is 17.40 MB. This game has 100 levels for you to build your skills upon. It also has around 20 equipment which enables a better game-play. The game mechanics are simple to learn and also the graphics are descent and realistic in compared with the size. The game is pretty fun at last.

Next game on the list is Badminton 3D

This game is based on Badminton. It is a 3D game and the graphics are pretty good. The size of the game is 24.13MB. The game is a multiplayer game which can be played with your friends. This game has a mode of career too. It has tournaments,league and also we can represent any country which we want. It has got an effect of air resistance.

Next game is NBA live

This game is out now. I would recommend you all this game as this game is an official game by NBA. This game is based on basketball. It has realistic graphics which is the best part of the game. The game can be played with your most loved franchise in the game.

Next game on the list is: Fifa 16

This game is just outstanding. Most of you would know this game but still this game is about Football. This game is the latest game in the FIFA franchise. This is a 1.4GB game but if you do not consider the size, the game is awesome. The game has high graphics which will keep on the game till the end. This game has also really good controls over the player and you would feel that you are on the ground playing football.

The first on our list is 8 ball Pool

This game is the worlds best ever pool multiplayer game I have ever played. As always this game is by Miniclip so you do not need think twice while downloading it.  This game is based on pool and this has many variations which we can play. We enjoy a lot while playing this game. You can customise your pool table and the cue which you are playing with. There are some bonuses by playing mini games like hi-low etc. There are many cues which look stunning while playing. So that’s why we have kept 8 ball pool 1st in our list.

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