Everything about the new Macbook Pro


It is really great that we got a new edition in the MacBook Pro series and it is really stunning with all the new features it has got.

Starting off with the new features:

  • Apple says that’The new MacBook pro is  thinnest and the lightest’Image result for new macbook pro thinnest and the lightest
  • The Biggest and the most exciting feature which apple has added in the new MacBook Pro is the ‘touch bar’. It is a bar in which you use for the application like Safari and it is also like a shortcut key to browse through the web, editing videos, and also to play Music.It is easy now to change the volume, brightness, and many other things.
  • The New bar is also for the touch id to unlock your new MacBook pro. It is getting exciting.
  • While Messaging you can add emojis using the touch id and you tons of options for that too.
  • Now coming to its importance like why do we need that ?  it is again time saving for you and also helps in navigating and lastly it looks cool.

Image result for Touch bar

  • Coming to the Display Apple says it has got the ‘best Mac display ever’
  • It is 67% brighter
  • 67% higher contrast ration
  • 25% more colors.

Image result for new macbook pro brightness


  • It has got a Core i-7 processor and it has ‘Polaris Architecture’. 4GB of ram and up to 2.3x faster.
  • SSD’s are faster.
  • Very excited for the new design in the speakers and also Apple says’2x dynamic range’
  • Force touch trackpad is now 2x larger as it took off the ESC key out of the MacBook pro.

Image result for new macbook pro

  • 4 usb c ports.

Basic Details and the Pricing: